about the key aspect of working with the body
Why is relaxation a key aspect of my body work?

A relaxed state will provide more opportunities. It will fill on its own.
Relaxation becomes a source of soft energy, body dance more fluid, unpredictable, honest.

Every day we ourselves block this condition at different levels. Starting from the very first, our morning action - getting out of bed. Have you ever wondered how you do it? Or do you automatically execute it?
Try experimenting and getting out of it with minimal effort. And so you can dance, build up strength from every fall.

This is when the body moves in a different direction, not the one we planned earlier. This is not about planning at all. It's about letting go. And here an acquaintance with an unknown zone is born - it is scary to let go. But the paradox is that when we let go, WE SATURATE our body, consciousness, inner space, with what it needs. PRESENT!

The here and now moment has a completely different taste, attention and sense of self. Another joy and power?

Another you!