Inland sea
about the state of depth
Depth is my main interest when I 'm in the process of exploring myself through dance. It is very similar to the philosophy of friediving.

When I dive underwater, the state of the listening to my body becomes at a very subtle level. A space where everything is felt in one single moment. The difference with dance on land is a different relationship to gravity and breathing delay. But the point for me remains the same - nothing unnecessary, only what is necessary at the moment.

It 's about such calm attention to the details of a sensitive movement. The technique remains, but at the same time the whole focus is not on it, but on the perception of itself felt in it. But with the condition that the base automatically is present in the body to feel more confident. And then the most beautiful thing happens, where the whole point of it all is. It is trust and focus on the inner sensation.
Most likely, it is about the feeling of constant adaptation and finding "something.." inside the unknown.

This unknown is frightening, it seems that it does not create any support, but it is not... And here comes the connection with Play-Fight practice. Support is created when it is removed and the fall begins. There is a deep state of relaxation.

The unknown is perceived already in another way ... Now not so scary, but completely familiar. As if always saying, "I 'm not what you thought and previously imagined...." It is amazing and soothing.

We are becoming this. And that becomes us. And it's that pleasure, just to be. Not in a hurry, just watch... the life ... the dance ...

Photo by Formless Eyes, Bruno Caverna